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Index Anything, Access Anywhere, Stream Anytime

Instant access to your media from anywhere in the world.

Introducing Nara, a revolutionary new media tool providing integrated media access, streaming and indexing. Nara provides a single solution for media professionals at production and post-production facilities, VFX houses and other companies working with large media files – streamlining workflows, collaboration, review processes and more.

Nara is a FilmLight venture, utilising the technological foundation and expertise of FilmLight.






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Frequently Asked Questions

What storage systems does Nara work with?

Nara is storage agnostic, offering support for all of a facility’s network storage – either on premises or in the cloud.

Are there any media restrictions?

No. Nara can provide media previews of any media codec (including camera RAW formats such as ARRI, RED, Sony and many more). Check out our full list of supported codecs here.

Is Nara secure?

Yes. Nara leverages industry leading, enterprise level security authentication. It utilises tried and tested facility infrastructure, which allows for streamlined browsing with a minimum of risk.

Can I access Nara if I am working remotely?

As long as you are on the same LAN via a VPN or otherwise, and you have login credentials, you can always access Nara.

How does Nara benefit me?

Nara will allow you and your team to maximise efficiency by providing instant search and find tools, as well as accurate, bandwidth-friendly streaming of any media file you can imagine irrespective of its encoding or format. This allows you to seamlessly share and collaborate on the media at hand, without having to jump through the regular workflow ‘hoops’ that plague our industry today.

Is Nara supported in the cloud?

Currently, Nara is an on premise solution but Nara in the cloud will be available at some point later this year.

Can I deploy my own hardware?

We do allow customers to deploy their own hardware. However, as we have very strict hardware requirements we would always recommend purchasing the hardware through us or one of our sales partners.

How many users can stream at the same time?

Each Nara appliance is limited to five simultaneous streams; however, you can deploy an unlimited number of Nara appliances.